“Rob will become a very attractive proposition on the speaker circuit”.

Bob Wilson, ex Arsenal and Scotland Goalkeeper, BBC Sport Presenter

Rob Munslow is an adventurer, an ocean rower who holds World Records and a motivational speaker who makes a difference. Relating his experiences of taking on the brutal North Atlantic in a rowing boat, Rob is able to communicate to the audience the steps to taking action, how to succeed and achieve goals. Rob has stepped out and beyond his comfort zone, he talks of managing risk, coping with stress and embracing the change that new challenges bring.

Rob has worked in teams and alone and has been exposed to stress at a level most will not comprehend and fear only a few might have felt if their life has been in danger. Rob has experienced failure yet bounced back with incredible success it is these special qualities and unique life experiences that he brings to his presentations. Robs message is young and positive he delivers it with emotion and humour that will leave you moved.

Rob is also a very experienced After Dinner Speaker. Tailoring his talks to your evening he uses some of the many hilarious incidents that have happened in his adventures as a means of entertaining and humouring the audience whilst delivering subtle messages.

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