Carnegie X-Stream

In 2006 Rob Munslow set out onboard his rowing boat Carnegie X-Stream. Departing St Johns, Newfoundland, Canada on the 27th June Rob arrived at Rosevear Island the Isles of Scilly in a time of 64 days 10 hours 48 minutes setting a World Record for the fastest solo unsupported land to land to crossing.

Enduring blisters, storms, capsizes and the loss of his water desalinator after just 16 days Robs crossing was epic. To read the complete story of his adventure and to view the blog click here http://www.humanedgetech.com/expedition/munslow/


Vivaldi Atlantic Four

Undeterred by the disaster of 2002 Rob and fellow crew mates George Rock, Nigel Morris and Steve Dawson set out onboard Naturally Best in May 2005 with the aim of achieving the fastest unsupported row of the North Atlantic. The team were successful setting a record time of 39 days 22 hours 9 minutes 30 sec’s. They also became the first four man team to cross the North Atlantic.

To read the complete story of this adventure and to view the blog click here


Skandia Atlantic Spirit

In 2002 Rob Munslow was the youngest person to ever attempt an unsupported row across the North Atlantic. Aged 23, Rob joined fellow crew members Mark Stubbs, George Rock and Nigel Morris onboard Skandia Atlantic Spirit. Their attempt came to a disastrous end on day 21 when they lost the rudder in a storm.