• Rob Munslow sponsored by Cobra Beer
  • Rob Munslow onboard Carnegie X-Stream departing St Johns, Newfoundland, Canada 27 June 2006.

This is the official site of World Record Holding Adventurer Rob Munslow.

Rob Munslow is an adventurer, speaker and World Record holder.

In 2002 Rob was the youngest person to ever attempt rowing the North Atlantic, in 2005 he and three crew mates set a World Record for the fastest crossing of the North Atlantic and in 2006 Rob set a solo World Record for fastest unsupported land to land crossing.

Ambitious, focused and very determined he has proven that he posses the physical and mental qualities necessary to take on the most extreme and arduous challenges imaginable and in doing so set World Records.

Robs ambition and fascination with rowing oceans stemmed from reading the story of legendry adventurer Tom McClean who in 1969 became the first man to row the North Atlantic solo and unsupported. The then 15 year old Rob was immediately captivated by this incredible challenge and adventure, it was a story that inspired and lead to the creation of a childhood dream